I've often heard of erotic massage but I never really tried it. I did not think how it would be because I never tried it. But one day I decided that it was the time to start to make new things. And one of those things was going to a erotic massage. At first, my decision scared me, but now I can say I make the right decision.
The event was about two weeks ago and it was amazing and beautiful. I know what you are going to say. Theat I am exaggerating and there is nothing very beautiful about it.Well, you my think that, but it is not true. If if you do not know what it really means erotic massage, well…in this case you don’t have much to say.
However, I was telling you how it was my experience with the erotic massage and I sad it was beautiful and that I like it a lot. It was an experience for a lifetime and I am very happy that a did it because it was a challenge. And I am a person that like the challenge because I can increase my life experience.
So, I went to the salon and I was ready to taste the unknown. If I think it now I can say it was a bit hilarious that I was a little bit scared. But I think it was natural that kind of stuff because I never experiece that sort of thing. When one of the girls told me that I can come and it is my turn I suddenly became very nervous. And like I said, I think that it was very natural. I mean, what men in all his minds would not be.
When I enter in the room I smelled something very interesting. I don’t know what flavor was the parfume but it was great and it was very helpful. I felt more relax and I was confident again. It was like a kind magical parfume that was inspire me to go on to tried new things. And that was great because from that moment on I was very relax and I can t enjoy my evening at the salon.
When the erotic massage started I was so happy because I felt so releaved and that was wonderful. I never felt so liberated and so full of life. I was really happy and nothing can t bring me down. I enjoyed  the treaty and I advise you to try and see how it is an erotic massage.